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Information on the village of Sprouston, near Kelso in Scotland.

Sprouston in History

Sprouston is recorded first as a Royal manor in the 12th century. Land there was granted by Earl David to the monks of the new Abbey at Selkirk in 1119. The regality was confirmed by William the Lion in 1193 to Sir Eustace de Vesci, Lord of Alnwick, when he married the king's illegitimate daughter, Margaret.

In 1255, Henry III with his accompanying retinue, stayed for some days at Sprouston during negotiations with his son-in-law King Alexander III over an agreement for the governance of Scotland. The barony was forfeited in 1289, and in 1302 the lands were granted by Edward I to Sir Henry de Beaumont.

In 1320, Robert I confirmed the barony on his son, and later David II granted it to Thomas Murray and after to Maurice Murray.

In 1402 Henry IV confirmed the land to Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland. Sir Robert Umphraville destroyed the town in 1418. James II granted the barony to William, earl Douglas in 1451.

The sixteenth century saw the town destroyed thrice, by Dacre and the Duke of Norfolk in 1522 and finally in 1545 during the "Rough Wooing". Sir Robert Kerr of Cessford was granted the lands in 1606 and thereafter stayed in the hands of Scots families.

Lord John Cranston had the lands in 1627, Henry Lord Kerr in 1643, and in 1675 to Robert earl of Roxburgh.

Most of the land today belongs to the Duke of Roxburghe.

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